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Here is a summary of some new infomation from GM. While it isn't specific to the Solstice, it might just as well be since it covers the current timming.

To ensure high quality production, launch vehicles move through a gradual acceleration phase and rigorous quality inspections. During this critical period, production rates are adjusted to ensure high quality results. Achievment of quality standards will dictate production rate acceleration and ultimately establish the date vehicles begin arriving at dealerships. Therefore dealer delivery dates are less predictable when compared to non-launch products and production.

Efective June 1st, we have modified existing VOM processes to establish more realistic expectations regarding launch vehicle production and actual delivery to dealer. We have discontinued VOM publication of target production date and estimated delivery date during start of production while maintaining other event codes for order tracking.

So there goes every ones new favorite sport of calling the dealer looking for Target Production Week infomation.

No need to add replys to this thread, in fact Solsticeman or brentil or mceb or fformula, go ahead and lock it if you want. Or even sticky it. And I am sure somewhere around 2:30AM ET ( the time when New York is sleeping), the Crimson Avenger ( :thumbs: ) will strike and take it away to his answer data base.
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