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Hey guys, josh here down in San Antonio filling you all in of the set up me and my friend are building.

I have ordered most of my parts from Over the Top Performance and while they gave me a decent deal on most of the parts, receiving and shipping have been a whole other story...

I have received my Spec 3+ clutch and I’m awaiting the 11lb aluminum flywheel.
I have received my Wiseco Pistons, Supertech valves and springs, ARP head studs, and Molnar connecting rods.
I am still waiting on my Stage 1 LNF cams from comp with the larger fuel pump lobe for ethanol.

I am getting all the work done by Wade Lieck at Precision Racing. I have known him for about 2 years now and would trust him with any car i would throw at him.

The turbo I have decided to go with is either the s259et or the s262 BW. I am just waiting on some income to order the turbo. Along with the turbo i will probably order the DSS 600 HP axles. Other than that we will determine what else is needed once everything actually comes in!:cool:
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