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Well today was a full day getting my car, getting tags and insurance. Of couse 100 miles of driving with the top down my face is red.

To start out I bought the car to drive for pleasure on nice days, weekends and special events. Of course driving with the top down. I have not said a lot on the forum, just read a lot of the posts to keep up with what is going on so I woud be prepared for when my Solstice came in. I ordered the car as everyone else in April wanting one of the first 1000. It was fully explained back then that by the end of Oct I would get my car and I am happy to get it 30 days early. My dealer kept me up to speed as best he could during the months but when he called me on Wed to tell me the car just arrived it was a surprise to everyone. To everyone that can not understand why they can not get information on their car on an individual basis understand that when there are 1000 up to 12000 cars on order GM can not have people handle all the calls. Remember GM wants to keep the cost down just as much as you want the cost to be kept down. Do not get me wrong there is room for improvement via the internet but again it takes time and money.

The car was awesome. Lots of people asking about it, pointing at it and waving. Not a lot of people in my neck of the woods even know about the car. Power is good. Handling is better. I am impressed with the car so far. It is a keeper. It is still an American car so there are a lot of things about American cars that will always be American and not be Japanese or European.

A couple of concerns people have had I will discuss

1. The top does have wrinkles in the back area that clips into the clam shell. To me they are not really noticable and I feel if the top was left up they would go away. I bought a convertable to drive with the top down. When the top is down this area on both side fold up and this is why you have the wrinkles. At night I am putting my top up to these wrinkles are not as noticable over time. I can tell you I rode with the top up and inside the car the wrinkles can not be seen. lol Trust me people will not notice them. I noticed them because it was mentioned on here.

2. The bolt sticking out on the driver side is on the left side and again not noticable unless you get on your knees and go looking for it. I am sure it is like this because of the assembly process. Not a big deal. Can not be felt while driving.

3. There are improvements that can be made and I am sure over the years they will be. Buying a car without test driving it is a risk. The reason we all bought the car is because it was new, no one else was going to have one, the price was right, the car is hot looking and I am sure you can keep the list going. If you do not want the car believe me all you have to do is say no and the dealer will sell it with no problem. My car was on the internet as being delivered and there were people calling all day long wanting it.

I hope to find out about the 3M film for the front bumper, hood and mirrors next week and will let you know if they are available and how much.

My insurance is $71 a month as a leisure classified car. I am a 42 yo male with a good record.

If you have any other questions just let me know and I will try and answer them. I will post pictures soon. The car has a lot of smashed bugs on the front bumper and windshield so it will get washed tomorrow morning before the car show in Clanton Al. Will be there around 1pm if anyone is close by.

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