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For those who always wanted to attend the Woodward Dream Cruise here's the next best thing. On August 20th, 2013, starting at 11AM-5PM (EST) Autoblog will be live streaming the cruise. :cool: But be aware that while there will be classic cars cruising on Saturday the majority of classic cars are parked up and down Woodward due to bumper-to-bumper traffic and everyday cars clogging the right cruise too look at the parked cars.

Woodward Dream Cruise LIVE Stream on USTREAM: . Blog

Watch our in-traffic live stream during tomorrow's Woodward Dream Cruise - Autoblog

The Autoblog faithful knows that every year we attend the Woodward Dream Cruise, and every year we set up a live stream on the web that shows you a view of the street. We like to do it for the people who've never been to the Dream Cruise and seen the majesty of this great American motor event. But the only view of the street we could get in the past was from an office building off the main drag. The shot was narrow, far away and static – not good enough. So this year we're doing something different. This year we'll be streaming live from within the action on Woodward Ave.

Thanks to advances in modern technology, as well as help from our friends at ReplayXD and LiveU, we're going to live stream a view from inside the thousands-strong traffic jam of muscle cars, classics and exotics participating in the Woodward Dream Cruise. We'll be sticking a ReplayXD 1080 camera on the top of a car, pointing it behind us, and sending a high quality stream to our Ustream channel through a LiveU portable uplink pack. You'll be able to see Woodward like you were sitting in the back seat.

Also, AOL Autos has kicked off Detroit Week, a hub of content celebrating the Dream Cruise and Detroit sheet-metal, including a video that riffs on the infamous Emiinem Super Bowl ad for Chrysler. You can see all that content here.

What: Autoblog Woodward Dream Cruise LIVE Stream from in traffic

When: Saturday, August 20 from 11AM-5PM EST

Where: Check Autoblog.com @11AM for the embedded stream or visit our Autoblog Ustream channel

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There has been some strange stuff going on with this set of forums for the last couple of days. I think they need to take the entire solsticeforum down and do a re-index on the message data base.
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