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28th Street Metro Cruise

Apology for late notification.

The 8th Annual Grand Rapids 28th Street Metro Cruise is being held this weekend, Aug 24-25, 2012. This basically is the west side of the state version of the more popular Detroit Dream Cruise. 28th street is one of the most busiest and commercial streets of Grand Rapids, which is the 2nd largest city in MI.

Assuming it may follow the same type of format as Detroit Dream Cruise in that some places may be reserved & charge (depending on popularity/location). But probably follows the same basic formula in that some folks cruise their classic, custom, and historic cars, and some folks simply park them and watch folks cruise by.

However, unlike the Detroit area where business's are often located right off or virtually next to the street, in Grand Rapids business's are set back which allows parking lots in front of the business's.
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