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AC growling / vibrating noise - refrigerant line bracket GM Bulletin

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So being an inexperienced forum member I didn’t know the scope of this problem. If I did the selling dealer would have been fixing this. My low mileage Solstice has this issue for sure.

Symptoms identical to the description in the bulletin as well as the posts from owners including one person who claimed it had been grinding on his Arizona Sol for 45,000 miles without issue

It’s not loose AC compressor fasteners, therefore it’s the refrigerant line under the wiper motor on my vehicle. A check of the bulletin shows the procedure to be a time consuming PITA just to get at a refrigerant line that is making hard contact against the Sheet metal .

Also new replacement bracket and evaporator valve to be “discontinued“

So the question is has anyone removed the wiper blades, and cowl cover to gain access and put foam between the itch point of the refrigerant line and sheet metal?

Have to think someone has fixed this vibration issue without spending hours disassembling the wiper motor assembly (for God sakes)! removing a refrigerant line and drilling and reattaching a new bracket ALL, FOR A GD ITCHING LINE!


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While I haven’t gone down this particular road, I do suggest you check your refrigerant. I can confirm that my 2006 with 42k miles was low (probably from the factory like I read is common on this forum). My AC has made much less growl ever since. It cools better on a hot day too, but some minor “growl or vibration” noise still exists. Thanks for sharing the TSB. I’m also interested to hear what other members have to say.
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While I have not had this issue nor done the full procedure I have had the cowel and wiper arms off. Its relatively straightforward and not time consuming. About the wiper motor, I have no experience.

If you go this route, know that the window washer hoses are part of the wiper arms and on a car our age are somewhat fragile. Also the arm mounting bolt black hats have a tendency to walk away and also can be a pain to find replacements for.

If you go this route let us go along with you please.
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While I haven’t gone down this particular road, I do suggest you check your refrigerant. I can confirm that my 2006 with 42k miles was low
Thanks Dave will have to verify refrigerant level. Haven’t heard the typical symptoms of low refrigerant e.g. clutch constantly engaging on and off. Regarding cooling it’s been working well so far but we haven’t had real humidity yet.

So glad I found the TSB, but disappointed that it will be a sucky job to fix.

BTW it is barely noticeable with the top down, but gets quite noisy when the top is up. This makes me feel even more certain it’s coming from the cowl area.
Yeah. I thought mine was cooling OK too, until I had it out on a hot summer day with the top up. I’m not sure why, but the proper charge quieted mine down a fair amount.
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If you go this route let us go along with you please.
Will do Rob. As I said in a later reply, it’s barely noticeable when the top is down, but very noisy when it’s up, in the cowl area and totally related to the compressor cycling. I’m concerned that overtime the rubbing is going to lead to a leak. Wish that TSB actually showed where it’s rubbing so you knew what you were up against!
Here’s from someone’s post where this repair was completed to correct this issue this issue a couple years back:

954 W94
1 19130241 BRACKET
1 89025005 VALVE KIT
1 2724966 SEAL KIT
2 52474373 SEAL

As a thought, if you have a gopro camera you can put it in different locations and record audio and video. it can be a useful diagnostic tool.
Here’s a picture of this octopus “Bracket” used in the repair

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