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Air/Heater Control Failure

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My 2006 Solstice (build #37) encountered this failure. With the Air Conditioner on with the Temperature Control turned to Max Cold (to the left), the Air Conditioner worked. Moving the Temperature Control just one click (to the right), max HEAT, no air, was provided. The service invoice stated, "31714 found feed back voltage from temp actuator was out of range. Added 68 ohm resistor to ckt 1688 behind hvac control module per doc 2199072. Hvac temp control working properly at this time."

Labor was extensive, as the dash needed to be pulled, etc.

Has anyone else had this issue?

Of course my car is out of warranty. There is no current recall.
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Not sure what post it was, but here was my post regarding similar issue:

easy fix at Part Source for resistor and harness kit

I too just experienced same thing. Could feel cold come out of vent, but no blower!
Took dash apart, pulled harness, and found the exact same connector burnt!
Went to GM dealership in Burlington, they had the red piece of harness, and five clips, plus resistor for $91 plus tax. I didn't want to be pulling old ends out, or cutting and getting shorter leads, so passed and went to Part Source in Burlington to see what they had. For $86 plus tax, it was the red end of the harness including about 8" of wiring intact, and 5 wire connectors plus the resistor. I liked that I had the extra wiring so not straining to reconnect with shortened wires.

For anyone looking, they have a Dorman Products Blower Motor Resistor kit. Product sku is 973-510. Took me half an hour to fix harness, and plug in. Fingers crossed, turned the key, and hit the AC and it was ALIVE! Now I can drive again in this 30 degree plus humidex for a feeling of 40 degrees Celsius weather with my roof up!
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