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Air/Heater Control Failure

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My 2006 Solstice (build #37) encountered this failure. With the Air Conditioner on with the Temperature Control turned to Max Cold (to the left), the Air Conditioner worked. Moving the Temperature Control just one click (to the right), max HEAT, no air, was provided. The service invoice stated, "31714 found feed back voltage from temp actuator was out of range. Added 68 ohm resistor to ckt 1688 behind hvac control module per doc 2199072. Hvac temp control working properly at this time."

Labor was extensive, as the dash needed to be pulled, etc.

Has anyone else had this issue?

Of course my car is out of warranty. There is no current recall.
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Mine started after a new battery install as well ('08 Sky, which I also had to take to the stealership to have it re-programed as well), wonder what the connection is. I have not torn into it yet to solder in a resistor, hoping that I don't have to "entirely" remove the dash to get at the climate control module. I already changed the actuator motor with a new one, still did not fix the problem (I was hopeful...but...).

My thread at the Sky forum: Access to climate control module... - Saturn Sky Forums: Saturn Sky Forum
Thanks John, but unfortunately for me, I've already tried the re-calibration... a couple of times. Still did not correct the problem.
It took four or five tries to calibrate my '08 after a battery replacement. I would try it some more, if only because it is free and easy. Hardware failure at the same time as a power loss seems too coincidental to me, but it is certainly possible.

I think I did try it 2, maybe 3 times, but I will try it again (several times!) because I'd like nothing more than NOT having to tear apart the dash to get at the climate control module...

I'll let you know my results, haven't gotten the car out from winter storage yet.


Just wanted to post an update, I got the Sky out for the first time this year, went to a car show in St. Ignace. Before I left, I did the re-calibration... 5 or 6 times, and I'm happy to report, it worked! So as of right now, my heater is working correctly.
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