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OK... I've posted in a few spots, but I'm not going to post over and over again about it. Somehow when I "built" my order and signed the printout from Dealerworld I was 2nd at my dealership (2 cars in first 4 month allocation). I've now become 5th, which puts me in jeopardy (IMO) of not getting a 2006 model from my local dealership.

So... If anyone in the country is aware of a dealership which has a first four month allocation car available, can you PM me with the dealership contact information? I have enough frequent flyer miles (provided Northwest keeps operating after their Chapter 11 filing) for a free ticket, and enough vacation left to drive the car from anywhere in the country.

I'd appreciate any help in finding a dealership, somewhere, who has a spot open on their first four month allocation. For the sake of not clogging up the thread I'd appreciate it if there are not a ton of posts asking "what happened", as I don't know... and my dealer has yet to explain it to me. I didn't have to pay a deposit so I'm not out anything at this point... which is good.

Thanks for any and all help!
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