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We are relatively new here. We had previously built up a 2012 Mustang Laguna Seca - and we also built 2 more of the LS's for close firends. We had a blast running them at HPDE events! But two things cause us to look elsewhere. First, going much beyond the mods we already performed on the LS would really start to diminish its value and second, the primary nemisis of the car is its weight. I ended up selling my 2012 LS to another avid HPDE addicted person and we're both very happy.

I did a lot of research and eventually decided to invest in the Sol platform. Initially the idea was to buy a GXP with higher mileage and to get it for as little as possible - $12K ish. Then we would cage it (first thing) in order to run at the track and start doing mods with the ultimate objective of showing the group with the LS's what the back of the Sol looks like! Well, in my research I stumbled across the fact that they had made some coupes late in 2009 and one thing led to another and we got a 2009 GXP Coupe with the 5-speed (and 9000 miles). Technically, not the safest car by far at the track, but it is easy enough to get on without being challenged as we properly would have with a roadster.

We have made te following mods so far;

Engine Tune - HPTuners and running our own tunes (we have experience with engine management and want to have some conservative tunes for the track)

Cobalt Brembo Brake upgrade w/ DTC-70 Pads - simply awesom

DDM brace package

ZOK GMPP Sway bars

Enkei PF01 rims with Bridgestone RE-11's in a 265/40-18 square config

So, with this set-up we made our track debut at Spring Mountain last weekend. We have a good and very experienced friend running a modified (Moton suspension) 2008 BMW M3. The Sol could pretty much hold its own with the M3 - giving up a little top speed in the straights but having a small advantage in some of the tighter sections. All in all, we were very impressed with the Sol's performance.

Next mods are the Solo race exhaust and KW V3 coil overs. But, we also need to do a cage soon.

First question: Who is road racing out there and what set-ups are you using and recommend (especially coil over recommendations and settings).

Second question: Like the Mustang LS... I am again worried that we are going to significantly harm the value of the car - especially if we cage it. Before it's too late, now that we have "validated to the Sol patform, should we look again for a roadster (about 1/2 the price) or stay with the coupe. I have to tell you that the coupe looks DAMN good on the track!

PS: Peter Brock - creator of the Cobra Daytona Coupe was at the track and came over to admire the Sol Coupe. A VERY nice guy with plenty of nice things to say about the Sol Coupe's styling.
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