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At the drive thru window....

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I was at the McDonalds drive thru window today, and realized how precisely evenly my car (Scion xB) lined up with the window. It makes sense... the xB rides higher than a car, lower than an SUV.

So, using the average drive thru window as a guide, approximately how low to the ground will I be sitting in a Solstice? Will I have beverages constantly poured into my lap as I reach upwards to get my Coke? Hmm... maybe that'll make the Solstice a good weight-loss idea, since you'll have to avoid drive thrus?
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all i know is some times i have to pop the top in my FC vert...but ya the xB is nice(i got one as well)
I haven't seen the Solstice in person, which is why I ask, your pics from the auto show made me realize how low it *seems*, from where you must have been standing.

obviously the Solstice is like any roadster, small, low to the ground... but recalling the quote that the "Miata is a car you sit ON, while the Solstice you sit IN", makes me think eye level would be even lower in a Solstice. Sounds like driving down the hiway surrounded by 18-wheelers would be a bit scary!
not really...if you dont mind looking eye to eye with 18 wheeler rims...
I don’t think the eye level in the Solstice will be necessarily lower than that of the Miata’s. Its just that there is higher side sills in the Solstice than the Miata. The bodywork is higher, but not necessarily the seating position.

The Solstice is going to have a low seating position. Getting food from a drive thru is not going to be the easiest thing in the world.

I have not driven my Fiero through a fast food drive thru (I generally don’t eat at McD’s, and if I do I go inside) but I do have a heck of a time operating a drive thru ATM. They are just so high!
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