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Got this offer in the mail a day or 2 ago. I attended the AutoShow in Motion on Sept 16, and filled out a survey at the end for the goody bag. (Worth going if you can find one in a nearby city)... Anyhow, this offer... see the attachments, hope they are readable.
If not, the coupon is good for..
a '$500 CASH ALLOWANCE*VALID SEPT 19,2005-NOV 30, 2005.
Take delivery by NOV 30.
Excludes HUMMER H1, Saturn, and Saab. models.
Good on any new or unused 2004/2005/2006...
just about anything else that GM makes.

Also I think with the timing shortly after (2 weeks) the show that others may receive this offer by attending future shows, maybe worth checking into.

Could this be perfect timing?... I'll find out very soon.


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I got one last year when I went to the ASiM. Unfortunately my Solstice will arrive before the ASiM makes it to Central Florida. :(
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