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if your near a city that has the autoshowinmotion its pretty cool, driving a Vette and a few others. Also, here they had a "sly" Solstice mounted on a slanted trailer, locked but they popped the hood, no sit and of course no drive. Looks great, just like the Auto Show 3 years ago.They also feed you and give you some goodies, worth the trip.
Anyhow, looks like my car (VIN 180) will be in Mira Loma (LA?) on the 27th and down here on the 29th, which, in accordance with Murphy's Law, is the weekend I'm out of town. Also, the rep at the dealer I was working with quit, unbeknownst to me.
So... it actually becomes October before I ... well, you know the rest.
Some adventure. :willy:
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