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This thread is designed to give members a one stop shop to see modifications to a Sol in a before/after presentation. With each before and after picture, there will be an associated thread posted where you can find out more information about that mod. Please check the associated thread before you ask questions. However, if you are still having trouble or if one of the threads is not working, please feel free to PM me.

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Items of Note:
1. Not all mods have the same vehicle as the before and after picture. This is because I am working with what I have available to me. If you are planning to do a mod, please take before and after pictures of them. Then PM me so I can post them to the index.
2. Not all after pictures are always able to be posted. For instance, there are numerous antenna replacements. Not every replacement can be pictured. One is shown. If you would like more, go to the accompanying thread.
3. Sometimes mods slip past without my knowledge. If there is a mod out there that hasn’t made the index, please PM me and I will add it.

Index within the Index:
Use this to find and go directly to your desired Before and After mod. Otherwise, feel free to just scroll down.

Airbag Light Hidden: Click Here
Aluminum Pedals: Click Here
Antennas: Click Here
Auto Unlocking Doors: Click Here
Badge Removal: Click Here
Blackening Front Grills: Click Here
Body Kit: Click Here
Brake Light Pulser: Click Here
CAI: Click Here
Center Cap Replacement: Click Here
Center Console Decal: Click Here
Chrome Fuse Box: Click Here
Chrome Grills: Click Here
Chrome Turn Signal Bulbs: Click Here
Chrome Valve Stems: Click Here
Clear Bra Protective Film: Click Here
Door Handle Backing: Click Here
Engine Cover: Click Here
Exhaust: Click Here
Floormats: Click Here
Flywheel Replacement: Click Here
Grill Replacements: Click Here
Head Unit Replacement: Click Here
Headers: Click Here
Headlight Blackening: Click Here
Heat Shield: Click Here
Horn Modification: Click Here
HIDs: Click Here
Interior Dying: Click Here
License Plate Lowering: Click Here
Lil Chromies: Click Here
Lowering Springs: Click Here
Painted Calipers and Decals: Click Here
Personalized Badging: Click Here
Rally/Side Stripes: Click Here
Rear Diffuser Painting: Click Here
Rear Diffuser Replacement/Adaptation: Click Here
Rear View Mirror Replacement: Click Here
Rims: Click Here
Seat Belt X-Tender: Click Here
Seat Replacements/Modifications: Click Here
Spiderlights: Click Here
Splash Gaurds: Click Here
Sticker Removal: Click Here
Storage Pockets: Click Here
Tonneau Cover: Click Here
Turbo: Click Here
V8 Replacement: Click Here
Valve Stem Caps: Click Here
Visor Safety Info Removal: Click Here
Waterfall Storage Organizer: Click Here
Window Tint: Click Here
Windscreen/Kappashield: Click Here

Also, thanks goes out to those members’ mod/accessory pictures that I am "stealing" to complete this index.


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Painted Rear Fascia

Rear Grill Painted: Click Here
Rear Grill Drilled/Painted: Click Here
Entire Rear Fascia Painted: Click Here


After (Grill Painted):

After (Drilled/Painted):

After (All Painted):

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Splash Gaurds (Installation/Painting)

Thread: Click Here

Before Installation:

After Installation:

After Installation with body color painting:

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Chrome Turn Signal Bulbs

Thread: Click Here

Before... notice the turn signal looks like an egg yolk.

After... all is identical color and chrome is all you see!

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GM Windscreen: Click Here
Kappashield: Click Here
Kappashield Decals/Personalization: Click Here
Kappashield Tinting: Click Here
Kappashield Etching: Click Here


After (GM Windscreen):

After (Kappashield):

After (Kappashield decals/personalization):

After (Kappashield tinting):

After (Kappashield Etching):
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