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Best way to remove: COVER. Parking Brake Apply Lever

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My "COVER. Parking Brake Apply Lever" was scratched so I got a new one.

I had expected to be able to simply pull it off, but no-go.

Does any one know the best / easiest way to remove the old one ?

2007 Pontiac Solstice Base Convertible PARKING BRAKE SYSTEM

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If you are referring to part #1, mine just pulled off. I think there is a little "clip" at the top, back that you may have to take a small screwdriver and pry up...kinda forget to tell you the truth. On the sides of the piece, it has a "tongue and groove" so it has to come straight out to come off. Mine also got scratched up a bit so painted it with rattle can truck bed liner. Now it has a texture and matches the wrinkle finish I put on the dash.

Don't pry on it with a screwdriver, etc.! I just went out to the garage and had a bit of a problem getting the part off of the lever. I pulled and gave it a slight twist back and forth and it finally slid right off.

There is a little "bump" in the middle that locks into a notch on the cover. I think that is what is causing your problem of not getting the thing to come loose.
It will pull off but as roggs said its retained with a small detent. I pulled mine off to paint it years ago.
Thanks guys, will give it a go this weekend.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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