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Black x black for sale

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I am working on the design of a new showroom for a dealership in the New Stanton Pennsylvania area. At a meeting this morning one of the Owners asked me how I liked my Solstice. We talked for awhile and then he said his dealership had a Black Solstice with Black leather interior scheduled for delivery in November (yes, this year). He said that it was ordered for their show room and so far nobody knows its coming. I told him I would post the info in case anyone was interested. He said the car is loaded. I didn't ask what price he is asking or anythink like that. If anyone wants info, just PM me and I will give you the name of the dealership and the contact person. Since it's in a rural area of Pennsylvania, there's a good chance the car will set in his show room for awhile before it gets sold. I'm posting this for information only. I have no tie to the car or its sale. 'Just trying to pass on info to Forum members.
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That's what I ordered but mine is scheduled for 2006...

Would you mind giving me the dealer's info?

Keep it on the Showroom Floor!

Would be a great draw for the dealership to leave the car on the showroom floor til the end of the year! Amazing how this car is becoming hotter and hotter as the days go by....... :yesnod:
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