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For a while now my brake lights have been intermittently giving me problems, I have a 2.4 automatic 2008, when I was driving the brake lights would work, and when I braked they would go out. Then after releasing the brake pedal they would come back on. Cruise control was also affected, not working and some strange gear changes. This went on for a while, sometimes working correctly sometimes not, sometimes in the middle of a journey, sometimes at the start.
Various solutions were suggested, brake actuation switch, gearbox modulator, all very expensive. Until I found an article that I want to share with you. it's a known problem for chevy Malibu's 08 and G6's 05-09's and an easy fix.

GM Chevrolet Malibu Brake Lights On When Brake Pedal Up Problem Repair Guide - Pictures Illustrated Automotive Maintenance Instructions

Thank you internet and google.
Hope this helps anyone with the same problem.

Cheers Mike
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