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Brake Vents

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After having thoroughly cooked my stock front brake pads after a full day of racing at Hallett MRC, and having gotten new hawk pads and hook slot rotors from DDM Works; I believe installing brake vents would be a great idea. I am thinking of using the technique similar to the Hot Rod Magazine Solstice vents. I would like to use the area of the fog lights for the vents. Won't be starting this project for a bit, but here's the Hot Rod example. Pretty exciting!

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That is a half way measure but may do some good. It sends some air into the general direction of the suspension assembly. If you are racing as hard as you obviously are it would be really nice to have effective cooling. The way to do that is to attach a fitting to your suspension that rests close to the rotor and ducts all the cool air to it.

See http://www.summitracing.com/int/sea...dMatch&SortOrder=Ascending&keyword=brake duct

for some examples available over the counter.

Whatever you do, make sure that there is no combination of suspensions height and wheel direction that can allow the tubing close enough to the tire to get touched - the result can look like an eviscerated giant worm trailing around the track behind you. Don't ask how I know this.
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'Tire ducts' - I like that! Good for advertising but not for braking!

Before Summit and other such businesses existed, we made our own. Took a large tin can, cut a slot that fitted over the rotors, tacked some tabs on to bolt it to some part of the caliper or suspension and hooked the dryer tubing to it. Worked like a hot damn. Another very creative solution I saw was to fit a fan to the exterior of the mags that sucked the air out through them as the wheel turned. Some bright light realized that Corvair engine fans were the right size and made up an adaptor to fit them to the 240Z mags.
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