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Brake Vents

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After having thoroughly cooked my stock front brake pads after a full day of racing at Hallett MRC, and having gotten new hawk pads and hook slot rotors from DDM Works; I believe installing brake vents would be a great idea. I am thinking of using the technique similar to the Hot Rod Magazine Solstice vents. I would like to use the area of the fog lights for the vents. Won't be starting this project for a bit, but here's the Hot Rod example. Pretty exciting!

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I've seen Porsches that have a shroud arrangement behind the rotor to handle the air delivered by the vent hose. It's a good idea to keep the caliper cool, also. I've used shop-vac hose, and exhaust tubing and collector flanges, as well as fabricated sheet metal to gather and deliver air...and lots of zip-ties, because you'll always want to change something.

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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