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Doubt it, but who really knows?

I'm sure that Holden is trying desperately to make sure their torana concept doesn't completely die - it's hunting for a platform too. Supposedly it couldn't be done on a zeta, and its not a Kappa, but it's similar to 'vette/Kappa architecture.

Maybe they're going along the lines of what brought about Kappa - try to do it "junkyard wars" style, find out you can't ('cause you don't have a platform that fits the wheelbase capabilities), then create a new one.

They already know how to make a new platform very quickly. Who's to say they couldn't do it again?

Omicron, anyone?:D

GM's new 2+2 convertible/luxury/extreme sport hatch RWD platform. 110ish inch wheelbase, 3500 lbs..., hi-power V-6, I could see it.

I don't really see them stretching a Kappa right away.
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