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Little off topic but some mention of kappa. The Velite concept seems to be off the Zeta platform and on to another "unspecified" platform. Think they could shrink it to kappa size???

Buick Velite Project Still Active

When General Motors' advanced styling director, Anne Asensio, referred to "three" new roadsters under development during an appearance at the Toronto Auto Show, it left TCC's correspondent confused. There's the Pontiac Solstice, of course, and the recently announced Saturn Sky, but the third? "We have a lot of activity around putting the (Buick) Velite into production," Asensio revealed, referring to the snazzy little show car unveiled in New York in April 2004. Designed at GM's Advanced Studio in Warren, Michigan, and assembled by the Italian coachbuilder Bertone, the Velite prototype was a four-seat convertible based on GM's new Zeta rear-drive architecture. But there've been a number of changes since the New York unveiling, according to Asensio. If the Velite goes into production, "It will be on a modified (and unspecified) platform, but not the Zeta." As with Solstice, the Buick project faces a mix of technical and financial hurdles, all summed up in the words, "business case." If one can be made, Asensio said she expects a decision "has to come soon. The more you wait, the less relevant" the project would be in a fast-changing market. - Paul A. Eisenstein
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