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Busted Side Window.

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Well, tonight some P-O-S busted into three of our cars at my work parking lot; one being mine. We caught him breaking into his third car and chased him but lost him. The local cops did catch the kid a short time later, and recovered most of the stolen articles, but not all. Will have to search the area in the morning to find the rest of it.
Anyways, the main point is that now Shadow is in my garage full of broken glass (the passenger window). I'll have to call the insurance company in the morning.
I've never had this happen before and I'm not sure where to go to get the window taken care of. Do the 'windshield' companies also fix side windows? DO I take it to a GM dealer? Is there anything that can 'go wrong' when they put in the new window?

Not sure if anyone has any experience in this, but if you do, I'd like some pointers. Thanks.
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Or you can gef the quotes and have them cut you a check and do it yourself. Not hard to do. Sourceone on ebay sales them pretty cheap.
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