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Nice article. I am glad to see they are on the right track, but they have to deliver on their promises too. The less than enthusiastic reception to the Malibu and G6, and their unwillingness to yank the cyclopse dash out of the Ion have left a lot of people doubting whether Lutz can truly resurrect GM. I really think it is too soon to make a final judgment on what he is doing for GM, and all the cars out to date have only been partially influenced by Lutz.

For example, he delayed the release of the Grand Prix and LaCrosse to make some changes, and he wasn’t around for the beginning of the Epsilon cars either. However, he could only tinker so much with those cars due to their state of development.

The first real test for Lutz is the Solstice and the Kappa line. That is 100% his baby. The next test may be the Zeta platform and all variations made on it. That platform will also be basically all Maximum Bob. Finally, those 2006 SUV and truck replacements may be where the future really hinges. They do have to revive the car side of the business, but they also MUST retain their truck and SUV sales, since that is where their biggest profits come from. Those must be hits, otherwise there will be no cash flow to revive cars or anything else.

I hope they do deliver!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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