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Cannot remove e-brake trim or mirror control trim..

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So today I painted my window buttons trim on the doors on both sides in a nice red color called 'Flame Red' apparently.. At any rate, those came off with ease.

I cannot for the life of me remove the mirror control trim, or the e-brake trim. It is pissing me off and I just want to paint them already.. :(
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The hand brake trim will pop off. It is held on with a moulded in clip and corresponding detent. I used a panel tool ang brute force to get mine off for painting.

The mirror control trim will come off but if you are worried about damaging it you can always pull the door panel and get at it from the inside. The panel comes off very easily.
Thanks Rob! Just wanted to be sure I don't cause damage to these parts :)

I'll try again at removing it with the door panel on, hopefully it'll pop out.
I never could get my e-brake handle trim off. Got too paranoid worrying about breaking it. (And breaking a break is a tough break.) Since I was just painting it silver I carefully masked it and painted in place.
I just pulled on mine till it came off.

There are a couple of moulded in tabs that mate into the handle. If you slide a thin tool in on the side and work it around you can feel them.

Mine popped off eventually. After painting it, I just slid it back into place and its been there for years. Worst case, pry it off and if you damage it you can get a replacement to paint which will go back on and lock normally.

The mirror trim I just pried out, painted and then after painting pushed it back in place.


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Okay i got the e brake trim loose but now i can't get the button out. Lol
I did not take the button out. I just taped it off, sanded and painted it in place. Worked for me

Still can't remove that mirror control trim piece.. so annoying, don't want to have to remove the door panel but whatever, for now i'll manage.. here's the interior look

Soon, I'll have a C6 D steering wheel installed, black and red to match.
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