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Canvas Solstice Garage Memorabilia decor

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Just had some of my memorabilia from my time on the GM GMX 020 project and a couple others transferred to canvas to fill some open space in the Garage bay where the Solstice lives.

The Pontiac architecture print was from the earliest issue of the architecture and content from GM Portfolio Engineering. It was still not an approved program when I received this slide in meeting with the team that was starting the design to cost process.

I know I will never get an Apprentice Dealer Solstice banner, but if the Storyboard I am building begins with Franz’s original sketch, through portfolio and architecture development, early packaging, etc, it makes perfect sense to end with the Apprentice ad, all of which fit nicely onto standard sizes for canvas transfer.

Always wanted to move these artifacts from the totes in the attic to the garage walls! Problem is you never know the finished quality till they arrive, but the software liked all as excellent resolution except the Apprentice one.

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So you get a hundred dollars off each pring just 'cause?
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It’s the scam of canvas photography, make ‘em think they are gettin a deal! The do come out beautiful though, and are worth what they charge (post discount)
Years ago my brother and I were both buying our first travel trailers. We laughed about how his dealer in WI and mine in MI both were able to knock 25% off the sticker price right at the start!
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