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I know this is in the wrong area and feel free mods to move it later, but:

I asked before if anyone could identify a whole transporter of mystery cars and didn't get any response...so here goes again.

On the 23rd of June I saw a full transporter of about 10-12 cars headed south on the I95 just north of Richmond, VA. What was unique about this was something I had never seen before. Each and every car had a full car cover installed for transportation. What was also unique was that there were two zippered doors with WINDOWS sewn in. Profile reminded me a little of RX8 and I have attached a sloppy rendition of what I saw. Can anyone verify that Mazda does indeed ship cars under full covers, why the covers have windows, and do the car buyers get the covers with the car?

Interesting that someone would transport high value iron with a cover flapping in the breeze of 85 mph traffic. I've seen the soft-sided vans that transport BMW and Saturn and you never know whether there are cars in the trailers or not, but this was new to me, not just adhesive plastic protection, regular custom made car covers.

Okay forget the pic for now, I lost it in cyberspace.
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