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Changing water pump

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I'm getting ready to tackle a water pump replacement..I ordered the gear tool but i'm a little confused on what to order when it comes to the pump? Since the holding tool bolts to the gear, should I get the AC Delco OE 251-751?? It has the gear on it..or should I get the AC Delco pump without the gear which is a lot cheaper?? Would appricate it greately if someone could tell me what to order and part number if it's available..Thanks
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I don't know what your mechanics charge but my mechanic replaced my water pump on my 2.4 for just under 300 dollars not quite a year ago. Considering the price of this 200 dollar tool and the fact that it's a 3+ hour job it may be worth it to just have a mechanic with the tool and experience do it. Just a thought.
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