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The second car we did, an '07 GXP, is now for sale a year and a half after the guy bought it from us. I emailed him and he said the car is perfect and that he recently had a total knee replacement and just can't get in and out of it anymore. He was happy to "overpay" for it as every penny went to the hospital and is listing it for half what we sold it for. It has some miles on it, but we went over the car extensively and most of the wear and tear items on it are new. The interior on the car is fantastic. It has all the GXP upgrades - Werks IC, hard pipes, phenolic spacers and TCM tune (tranny shifts are great), Solo RCD and high flow cat, RPM custom ECU tune, BC coilovers, new wheels and tires, battery, front end bumper warning system, touchscreen DVD with rear cam, all new amps and speakers and much more. (Thinking about buying it back and relisting for the hospital.)

2007 Pontiac Solstice GXP

Photo roll of it before the sale.



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