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naoki said:
Just Google image searching and I saw these...


Click to personal works, and halfway down the page you'll find the Solstice.

Wow! Although I think some of this guys other works speak more to his experience with 3d modeling than the Solstice pics (maybe because I'm partial to it's current shape), I must say I like some of what he did with the car, ESPECIALLY the headlights and tail lights.

Granted, he took a little artistic freedom with the general shape of the vehicle, but I'm stuck on the headlight and taillight assemblies.
I think this is the car that was one of the first solstices built and shown. I have quite a few pictures of this one and the coupe at

This is the solstice I fell in love with. Hopefully they will be making a coupe in the future. Then I can take my wife for a ride. If not, it's hit the highways on my own.
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