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Pterosaur said:
Used to do this with an old E-type...It does work out nice.

Question speeking of cleaning tips...what do you use to get off bug guts? The front of this car says it's going to be ugly. I'm not talking a couple of May flies, I'm talking 'went up north for a quick getaway and I got 1/4 inch of hardened insect inards glued to the bumper'! I've been using a product called USAdvanage mixed 10:1, works great but it does remove wax. I don't know of a product that will remove bug juice and not touch the wax, anyone?

P.S., I don't sell the stuff but the USAdvanage works great at all sorts of greasy clean-ups but it ain't cheap.

I spray WD40 liberally, and by the time I get around my vehicle, all tar, and bugs are very loose. Hit it with a high pressure washer, and you're done!
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