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Clutch Replacement

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I burnt the clutch on my solstice, yup all my fault. Its driven hard and brake boosting and power sliding everywhere killed it, the extra power from the tune didn't help either.. I haven't driven it in a while, its my only car but I work overseas so I spend weeks without needing it at a time. Also makes it impossible for me to do the transmission job myself. Regardless this car is a completely different monster in complicated than the cars I have built and worked on before.

Does anybody know how much a gm dealer would charge to drop a clutch in there, or a shop that visits this place in the New England area can give me a quote? I will be buying a clutch and flywheel when I get back most likely from a vendor here. I am going to push up the power some more, I am chasing 400 torque so I have to do some research on what clutch will hold the torque.

Any info appreciated,
I know someone that has a shop but he dislikes working on US cars and I know for a fact he has never worked on a rwd sport car layout before, He is a big in the FWD drag racing and those are the cars he builds. Worse case scenario I can leave it at his shop.
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If you do go with Spec most definitely use the Spec provided spacer AND buy the Werks spacer. Use both! You will thank me later. And yes, go ahead and replace the slave while you are in there
wat he said ! wish i'd have had those instructions !
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