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Having had this car for a while now, I figured I'd give some advice on common problems.

Car studdering/Low power or acceleration.

There's a high chance that if you have the stock catalytic converter, it is becoming clogged. It's a common issue and unfortunately most vehicles are out of warranty. Be sure to check with your dealer though. As I don't remember the exact mileage or year warranty.
The car may not throw a check engine light immediately. It took mine a while to finally give a p0420 catalytic converter code. At that point the car wouldn't move past 30 mph slowly without violently studdering and dieing.
When I finally replaced it, the thing was so clogged that you couldn't see through it.
You will also get a blinking check engine light upon the car almost dying and it might give a code for misfires.
Get it fixed asap!

Random Security or anti theft lock light coming on.

Some people have had this light come on randomly while driving. It looks like a little car with a lock next to it. Sometimes your car will just go haywire and needles will start going up and down. Some people have said they couldn't even start their car. Mine stopped doing this after I finally unplugged the faulty obd2 Bluetooth scanner that was plugged into the vehicle. I forgot it was there and it must've been trying to constantly trying to access the ECU over and over even though it would just fail. The adapter was 7 years old and it definitely needed to be replaced anyways.
Also try and disconnect the battery and reconnect it.

High idling after cleaning throttle body

Make sure you don't clean your throttle body unless you have the ability to do an idle relearn or are just going to take it to a dealership right after. I did this and it took several thousand miles for the car to eventually relearn the proper idle. Otherwise it would idle at about 2100 rpm and it's not too great for your clutch in stop and go traffic.

Car starting very slowly with a good battery.

There's a big chance that your starter is failing. I recently replaced mine after 140,000 miles and it's easy to think it's your battery, when it's actually not. Go to a auto parts store to have your battery tested. If it's good and your car is still failing to start or starts very slow, it's probably the starter. I bought a new battery only to find out that wasn't it. Oops.
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