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I like my exhaust pretty loud. My wife doesn't, especially on our weekly Sunday drives. So here's the compromise without compromise.

I am trying out two different sets of silencers behind my tips. With these, I have been able to tune several distinct exhaust notes with different combinations.

Here's a vid of Chris installing the parts. There is not much point in me posting videos as my camera sound does nothing but clip throughout.

YouTube - Pontiac Solstice Exhaust Sound Cores

The larger version that I have in now apparently drops the volume 5db without any performance loss as tested. The quietest version makes the car almost stock sounding at cruise with enough attitude on acceleration. Quite a number of combinations can be configured achieving both distinct sound and look. There is even a difference in tone with the tips on or off.

The -5db version seems to keep the wife comfortable enough. I'm happy that I can pull them off in a couple minutes.

What I am relieved most about is the fact that I will not end up with a rediculously loud car with the addition of a high flow cat/downpipe.
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