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Coupe GXP Fair Price

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Hello Solstice Forums!

While I've been using this site for research for over two years, this is my first post!
(Please let me know if this thread is in the wrong location)

I've been looking for a GXP Manual for a while, and while I would prefer a coupe, I never thought I'd have the opportunity to buy one (If I got a ragtop I would leave it up 100% of the time).
I live a warm climate, and would use this car as my daily driver (40 miles daily commute).

I just found a black coupe GXP manual for sale at a dealer (trade in).
It has 50K miles on it, some goofy wheels, but otherwise appears stock (I haven't seen it in person yet).
Asking price is $19K

(my other option 'till I found this one was an '07 silver GXP Manual with 60K for just over $11K).

This is my first sports car, and I'd like to have fun with it (GMPP tune, small mods) and maybe take it to the track once or twice.

My questions:

1. Is the coupe a reasonable price? It was more than I planned on spending, but won't break the bank.

2. Should I leave the coupe to a collector (since all I'll do is rack up more miles on it) and go with the cheap and cheerful ragtop?

Thanks for your opinions and advice!
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Exactly. I'd say it was more of a Bordeaux myself.
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