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coupe soft top care / maintenance ?

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Hi - I have seen many threads regarding the care of the
convertible rag top. But I have seen nothing on the care of the coupe soft top.

It appears and feels like vinyl.

How are you all caring for these soft tops ?

Raggtopp Vinyl or something else ?

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I got the soft top this spring.. but it's still in the box. I bought it for any long trips. But if I'm just running for the day and know 100% it is not going to rain, I just leave the hard top in the garage.

I do need to figure out a better place to put it instead of on the floor though. What else is everyone doing with the hard top once removed?
when i bought my targa soft top, i used it once on awhile then i would use the hard top.. i bought a wall mounted bike rack (you can find it @ Lowes, Home Depot or Walmart....and installed in on the wall.. i keep my hardtop on that rack and currently have the soft targa top on the car, so it will keep its shape

the rack is mounted up on the wall in the garage, kinda up and out of the way, you can walk underneath it w/o crashing into it with your head...do this and your top will stay in one piece..
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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