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This is a Solo Street Race system, but with the added special resonators added in line on each side. Total cost was $520 + $200 for the resonators plus shipping and welding.

This system does NOT include the 3" front pipe. If you have an NA or stock GXP, this would make a nice sounding system spliced onto your stock 2 3/4" front pipe. If you have a tune, you would want to order the 3" front pipe from Solo (and should also consider the high flow CAT for a performance system. Solo claims more than 25 BHP increase for this system.

Please note - this system runs from the transmission level back, including the Y section, the two resonators, one on each side, and the proper chrome tips, all in one piece.

This was on the car for 2 weeks (and maybe 100 miles) and was replaced because this set up, while mellow and the perfect system for someone wanting power without too much noise on a convertible, does have a resonance I couldn't live with on a coupe.

Price $450 Can. For pick up in Vancouver BC area only, no shipping (this system is beautifully welded and I don't intend to hack it up).
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