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Donna and I saw this place on some "texas country reporter" rip-off show, showing the 5 best burgers in Texas. This place was number two.

Here's what I'm proposing.

Meet behind the "Good Eats" or whatever it's called these days, at 10 o'clock Saturday the 16th, where 288 meets 35, just north of Denton. STONEHILL CENTER

Street View Linky Link

Then take a 2 hour drive to MG's, and maybe stop for a few minutes at Classic Car Liquidator for us old car lovers.

This is a route I picked out with some twisties. *Linky Link

Here's a vid of the restaurant.

Here's the Menu
Menu linky link

Funny, my favorite burger is the "Pontiac". Karma?

Who is in? There's already 4 signed up from the SWSC club.
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