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My dealer finally called me instead of me bugging him (or CC) every week with news that my 6/1/ order is in the next 4 month allocation! He gave me an email from GM that may be helpful to all those who wait and wonder.

Phase III: Second 4-month Dealer Allocation from December '05 to March '06 is based on a 50/50 formula as follows:

50% based on Pontiac retail car sales history for prior 12 months
50% based on competitive set which is then based on 11 key competitors, including;
MAzda MX-5 Miata
Toyota MR2 Spyder
Honda S2000
Mitubishi Eclipse Spyder
Nissan 350Z Roadster
Ford Mustang Convertible
Mini Cooper Convertible
VW Beetle Convertible
Chrysler Crossfire Roadster
Audi TT

My dealer is ok on the first 50%, but based on my rural western NY area, the chances of even seeing very many of the above vehicles is remote! I guess that's why I'm #1 of 1 on the above-mentioned allocation list. Maybe I'll have that car yet! I'm assuming that
s why Metro dealers are able to get more vehicles per allocation as they not only sell more, but the competition for all above makes also sell more in the same area. Makes sense....I think.
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