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Six Customer Stages

Each Customer with an official registration form and unique ID number will
appear onscreen in one of the following stages:

1. Registered – Customer has logged on to www.pontiac.com/apprentice
to receive an official registration form and unique ID number.

2. Pending – Customer has completed the exclusive retail order process at a
participating Dealership, but has not yet been verified by Program

3. Verified – Program Headquarters has verified Customer eligibility.

4. Wait-Listed – Customer has been added to the exclusive retail order wait list.

5. Associated – Should a Customer that you placed on the wait list become
eligible to place an exclusive retail order, he/she will be contacted by Program
Headquarters and instructed to return to your Dealership.

6. Disqualified – Customer order has been cancelled and Customer is no longer
an eligible participant in the Promotion.
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