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These "crooks" had me halfway through a wire transfer to buy a Solstice when they decided to call me back and tell me that I would have to pay an extra $3000 over our agreed upon price (including itemized fees!) because I am out of state (which they clearly knew before quoting).

After calling the owner to discuss this, they damn near accused me of be unscrupulous and of "abusing the system" and decided they just weren't going to sell me the car because (horrors!) I might resell it someday.

I am trying to buy a car for my wife. GM Buy Power is an excellent tool that you would think dealers would enjoy their customers using to find the car they want to buy. I know this because half of the 8 cars I've purchased in the last 10 years have been from out of my area.

I am sorry for you folks in the Chicago area if this is the type of dealerships you have to deal with. :brentil:
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