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Door dinge in hood

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I HATE mother %$#$$%$^&* that don't respect other people's property!!!!! :cuss::cuss::cuss::cuss: I just noticed a door dinge that I got on my hood over my front wheel well today at lunch! UNBELIEVABLE...:cuss::cuss:
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Today I parked in the first spot after a handicap spot. All the handicap spots were empty. I come out later... someone was parked crooked in the handicap spot next to me with very little space between us, and they were still sitting in the drivers seat. Their passenger must have been let out. I looked around the car, and thankfully no dings... and I am surprised. There were no other cars in other handicap spots... why would they choose that one. Grrr...

My daily driver is a Saturn Astra. It is a black car... so is easy to see new damage. New damage seems to find it often. I must have about 10 dings in a variety of places. Lots of white scuff marks... and none are from me. I do not get it. Why must people be so inconsiderate?
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