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dori-san said:
Not to be a stickler... but it was 'turn right to go left.'

Sorry, it's pretty much my favorite movie now. :)
My reference to TLGF is just how we refer to the whole Nextel season (not counting teh road courses.

Doc Hudson's lesson to Lightning illustrates the opposite, that yes, sometimes to go left you have to turn right. Since it may cause further confusion (I just re-read my prior post) I will go fix it. Turning right, going left.


Gave our grandson the neatest "Lightning McQueen" car for his 1st birthday, yesterday. Found it at Toys R Us, full of sounds and buttons, and all the cool stuff like, beep teh horn and he says "Oh, yeah, Lightning is ready, CH CH CH CH CH-POW! (that's how they spell it in the owners manual.)

Dori, like your current avatar ;) (see mine) Do yourself a favor if you havn't already and get the soundtrack to the movie. :thumbs:

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the momentary use of the e-brake locks the tires so you can get the car sideways. necessary especially at slower speeds. ABS prevents this from happening by using the brake pedal alone.

back in the day we called it power sliding. I never heard the term "drifting" until about 20 years ago.

my first car was a 73 grand am with a 6.6L v8. It was long and heavy and just a quick jab of the accelerator while initiating a turn would break the tires loose and allow the back end to try passing the front end... especially easy on wet or dirt roads.

Then you just feather the accelerator to control your sideways angle through the turn... even at a relatively slow speed.

waiting for my new purchase to be delivered, I downloaded a 2007 owners manual and discovered "competitive driving mode" which turns off your traction control and ESC. No one told me about that!
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