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Early Builds

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We've had some posts regarding early build schedules. It went something like this....

Jan - non-salable build
Feb - salable build (small)
May - start of reg prod (someone also posted could be earlier)

I'm curious on where these cars end up?

Pure guesses....

Jan non-salable build is to test the line, run through different options, etc. Maybe take marketing pictures, etc? No guess as to what happens to these cars.

The Feb salable build, some cars used for magazine testing, VIPS & execs? dealer demos?

Anyone know?
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tcl said:
My guess is that the some cars from the February build will go to dealers.
I doubt any would make it to dealers. As I understand it, GM employees get the first shot at ordering them and at this price many can afford it. Unless the run is pretty large they will probably get gobbled up before they make to showrooms.
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