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EDAG again...

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Traded in my '05 Dodge 4 x4 short bed pickup for a '05 Chevy HHR last June...got tired of pumping gas into it! Had a dental appointment this morning, located next door to Chevy dealer. Drove the Solstice because the roads are salt free after a couple days of rain and temps are in the low 40's. Park the Solstice, get out, see my old truck parked in the rear of the Chevy lot. Somebody yells, "what are you looking at?" I see no one but yell in answer "looking at my old truck" ...in kind of a nasty voice. Turns out, a couple of the used car guys saw me pull into the dentist lot and come running over to the fence to see the car because of the top. They asked me to bring it over after I was finished at the dentist. Parked the car next to the used car sales office and the two guys come out. One of them purchased my truck and the other sold me the HHR. They were both foaming at the mouth over the looks of the car with the EDAG top on it. Must have taken 20 pictures from all angles. Even a customer came over to check out the car. They had recently sold an '08 Solstice, "orange" with black stripes. The sales guys wanted to know if the tops are still available as they are sure this customer would be interested in getting one...anybody know who has the inventory now?...I do not think Peter C. has them. Even as I was leaving, I noticed two women inside the showroom pointing and making comments! Still amazes me the amount of interest this top draws.
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:cool: EDAG should be cutting you a royalty check. :lol:
Riggs : Just wondering if you got your exhaust issues straightened out?
Gotta agree that this car with a hardtop really catches people's attention and the Edag is something else. Dig it :thumbs:
How do you get into your trunk?
The back glass opens...
I was asking idkfa. He has a different top than the station wagon top.
Oh, right... I believe the answer is that case is "He doesn't"
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