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Another one of my crazy ideas. Was just checking out a couple sunroof websites (Webaso). Called a business called AutoOne and was told that as long as the top is smooth (no ribs) a pop-up style sunroofs should be able to be installed, along with removing the glass sunroof if wanted. So it looks like EDAG or Smoothline owners can have their cake and eat it too. Some sunroofs look small enough they could even be installed in the targa hardtop :cool: No more B&M about having to decide to use the hard or soft top. :lol:

Sliding canvas sunroofs might be another option.

Also: Sliding Ragtop Kits Homepage gallery section almost makes it appear that coupe targa hardtops could have a canvas top installed.

Want a plaid sunroof? Got you covered:
Sunroof Source Sliding Ragtop awesome plaid ragtop in Mazda | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
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