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1st 1000 Cool for sale

I may have to sell my 1st 1000 car. I have ordered Cool with all options except polished wheels, 6 CD changer, Monsoon speakers, XM, or smoker package. It has Sand/Steel leather, and the rest. If you are out of state I may be able to avoid paying sales tax by having it titled to your address. Worst case, I'll have to pay the sales tax. There is a long story behind the need to sell that you don't really care about. I was going to leave it with the dealer, but after being a member of this forum (under a different name to protect the innocent), I see that there are a lot of people who really want this car. I'm not looking to make a bundle off of the car, but I would like to get something for my trouble. I am in the greater Philadelphia area. Since it is a Cool, I don't have a TPW or VIN. Last I checked, my code was still 3000. This is definitely a 1st 1K EOP car. If there is anyone interested in buying this car, send me a PM and we can open discussions. If I can't work something out, it'll go to the dealer. He has been great and I don't want to screw him.
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