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Sol Cruisin said:
I think you make some very good points. My experience with other pre-order cars showed a significant increase in drop outs the longer it took to get the car to the showroom after the order was placed.

Impulse buyers get an impulse for the next "hot" car to come along, or get tired of waiting and take a different car that catches their eye prior to delivery.

Here is the problem I see that leading to: Let's say that Joe Impulse got a 1k car in San Diego. He decides to buy a (insert your choice here) instead prior to delivery. Acording to the EOP rules as I've read here the dealer is supposed to forfeit it back to PMD and it is supposed to go to the next wait list person. . . . Sally Waiting is in Columbus Ohio and she is next... What now?

I smell a possible fiasco coming for Pontiac! I hope I make it into the 1k by drop outs, and I would go a significant distance to get it, but 2,ooo miles? ...thinking...
If the order cancellation occurs early enough in the proccess, the first dealer looses the EOP first 1000 order, and someone is plucked off the wait list. If it is to late to change production scheduling, the EOP first 1000 order continues to go to the ordering dealer for him to sell, the dealer then has one taken from future allocation. And as a double whammy, runs the risk of the car he received from the cancelled EOP first 1000 order being under or over equipped and of less desireable color. Well, it is a small double whammy, but it could hurt if lets say it was ordered with out A/C.
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