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Everything you need to get your project running! All parts are like new - 200 miles on them, they're all from the same car- no mix & match here. The donor was a wrecked '06 Pontiac Solstice. Everything has been stored indoors waiting for the right project. You can see how great of shape everything is in- basically new parts across the board. The Cat is barely broken in, for example, and it was used the same as everything else. Since this is all from the same car, all of the parts are perfectly matched.

This is a great drop-in for rods or projects, especially any using a GM-derived front cross member- it'll be pretty much bolt-on to most platforms from the C4 Corvette to late-model Solstice cars.

The AR5 is a great upgrade to any 2JZ engine project, and the whole package would be a great fit for any project that needs a more compact & lighter package than a 2JZ. ZZP has you covered for upgrades for this bad-boy, it's light and needs only sleeves to allow the bottom end to handle over 400hp.

This includes everything you need: Complete Engine assembly including the optional LE5 oil cooler.

Starter Catalytic Converter Alternator Electric drive-by-wire complete from pedal to ECU ECU and COMPLETE wiring harness INCLUDING labeling. Belts
Engine mounts & More
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