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I hope this is okay, since we are all Kappa related brothers and sisters!

I'm looking to sell my 07 Saturn Sky Redline. I love the car, I really do but a convertible just isn't something I want. I also would like more straight line power, I never really go hard on this car in the corners or are like a circuit track as it should be, or autocross...you get my point.

2007 Saturn Sky Redline
Silver Exterior
Red/Black Interior
5 Speed Manual Transmission
39k Miles
VIN: 1G8MG35X67Y138328 (100% clean carfax with recalls and dealer service done, I am second owner)
Mods: Dyno Tune+Quad Tip exhaust, I WILL include stock exhaust as well.

Price: $14,750.00

I have it listed on Craigslist right now at $15.7k but for you guys I'll lower it a grand to be straight forward.
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