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Not mine, posted on Kappaperformance 3/1/15

FS: Complete LNF Drivetrain Stock/Aftermarket RL Parts

I unexpectedly came across a great deal on an LS2/T56 combo so I've embarked on a V8 conversion on my RL. I never thought I would ever do this swap as I planned on keeping my LNF. Therefore, I have lots of parts that I purchased as spares as well as parts that are coming off my car. The first list is parts that are new. The second is all the parts that are used i.e. off the car in good condition.

New Parts:
Spec Stage 2+ Clutch
Spec Stage 3+ Clutch
2 x Slave Cylinders
Left/Right Motor Mount

Used Parts:
LNF Motor
Stock Turbo
Turbo heatshield
5 Speed Transmission (no problems)
Accessories: Alternator, power steering pump, A/C compressor etc.
Headlights (starting to get hazy)
Brake calipers/rotors
Stock Airbox w/tube
Fujita Intake
Stock Intercooler
Stock Intercooler pipes
Solo Catless downpipe w/o2 sensor bung
Stock Catalytic Converter
Stock Springs
Plastic Engine Cover

I'm certain there are parts I've forgotten at the time of writing this list. Please PM me for any picture requests or with pricing questions. I rarely check the forums.

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How much for the stage 3 clutch??

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Buy that motor for a rebuild maybe?
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